Création d’une carte de visite recto – verso + une plaquette tarifaire pour Devine Nail’s (Toulouse) 


Création d’un flyer pour l’entreprise SAAP


Brand identity SD Makeup rectangle


I’m proud to share with you one of my favorite works and creations in collaboration with a lovely woman. I met her in London and she told me she was a makeup artist for years, but the only thing she had was her makeup suitcase. She was such an adorable person, kind and nice, so as I want to become a graphic designer, I decided to help her. And that’s what we created together ! SD Makeup Artist. We first imagined a logo (that she drew herself) and then I created the whole branding stuff.

I would like to say thank you to this incredible and strong woman who taught me to always smile to life, and never give up.

To Silviya ♥

 PDF version : Brand identity SD Makeup

Création d’une entreprise fictive pour un cours de ma licence Info – Com: Fairy Cake

Logo 1Logo 3Logo 4

Création d’une marque et d’une charte graphique pour un cours de ma licence Info – com 
Branding jpeg